Case Studies

Examples from our project list

Design Development, Reliability & Safety

  • A new fleet of giant gas carriers was completed (August 2010) as part of the Qatargas II project to import up to 17m tonnes of LNG per year to Milford Haven. This will help make up the fall-off in North Sea gas. Traditional steam plant, burning cargo boil-off gas, may not be the best propulsion system. We made a comparative study of the reliability of propulsion plant options short-listed for these vessels, as one of the inputs to the procurement process. The option we found best met the clients requirements, (twin shaft slow speed diesel with onboard re-liquefaction of boil-off gas), was subsequently chosen.
  • We researched and produced a new methodology for quantifying toxic risk of refrigerant leakage from nuclear submarine chilled water plant, then evaluated the plant prior to conversion to HFC-R134a. Further development and application to a new replacement plant followed in which we developed the procedure to show that the leakage risk was well within the medical exposure limits. A paper was subsequently presented at the Royal Institution of Naval Architects Warship 99 conference.
  • Undertook several availability studies for Brunei Shell Petroleum’s offshore production facilities, and facilitated a six week pilot project to set up reliability centred maintenance of a platform crude oil export system with six technicians.
  • For MSA R&D project 343, we provided two independent assessors (human factors and risk assessment modules) of the IMO guidelines for Formal Safety Assessment of Shipping, (now accepted by MSC 66). Assisting with follow-on project.
  • The Failure Modes and Effect Analysis for two new makes of screw compressor chilled water plant in RN frigates, and a V-16 compressor chilled water plant used in nuclear submarines. We undertook the reliability growth study on one plant.
  • Design Review of a large process plant unfired pressure vessel to BS 5500.
  • Shock stress evaluation for the main gas turbine air start stations of both the RAN/RNZN ANZAC and German Type 123 frigates, to RN BR 3201 procedures; accepted by the customers as an alternative to more expensive shock testing.
  • The independent assessment of diver safety in the RN deep diving vessel’s diesel-electric propulsion and dynamic positioning systems. We provided the marine engineeer for the 3-man team for this detailed evaluation, which included extensive sea trials.
  • The Failure Mode and Effects Analysis of ship systems and the novel crane compensation and motion suppression system in the diesel-electric propelled 4000tonne lift crane ship, DB50. (RINA Transactions, Part A, Vol.132, 1990, (pages 130-134).
  • To assist “CE” marking, we undertook the risk assessment of a new process blending, mixing and carbonnating plant, with ammonia refrigeration, working to standard BS EN 1050:1997.

Energy Efficiency & Energy Systems

  • THE CARBON TRUST: DESIGN ADVICE General consultancy reports on new district council community centre and property developer’s new area office buildings; manufacturing chemist’s new facilities, new school hall; housing association’s new sheltered accommodation; large new private house; enhanced hotel leisure centre; conversion of redundant farm buildings to food processing factory, a coffee shop and restaurant extension for an organic small-holding and farm shop.
  • THE CARBON TRUST: SITE ENERGY ADVICE Initial Opportunity Assessments for one of HM Prisons; a carpet manufacturer; a local authority leisure centre (combined swimming, dry sports and fitness), a developer’s head office, a large secondary school in South London, a main Ford dealer’s sales and workshop locations (22 sites), an agricultural feedstock manufacturer’s 2 sites.
  • Specialist consultants advizing Unocal, Netherlands for specification, selection, development and installation of high efficiency 1.3MWE recuperated gas turbine combined heat and power units on Q Block oil production platforms. The project included extended works testing and was described in Gas Turbine World magazine, September 1982.
  • Development and extension of heat pump heat recovery system in a public swimming pool.
  • Innovative bespoke heat recovery projects in several industrial, commercial and health service buildings. Detailed list available.
  • Detailed assessment of new waste gasification process and pilot plant operation.
  • Appreciation of what to do with an unused and unsupported small scale chp unit in a college of higher education, abandoned when the supplier ceased trading 4 years ago.

Quality Assurance, Inspection & Survey Services

  • Provided non-exclusive quality survey services to a classification society for 4 years; at the manufacturer of cryogenic valves for the European Space Agency ARIANE IV satellite launcher. (CNES and ISO 9001 standards).
    • Also, to the same society, inspection of lifting gear at the JET Laboratory, Culham
  • Provided an External Assessor to the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for accreditation of an oil company’s internal inspection bodies to BS EN 45004 for offshore and onshore facilities. (Previously NSCIIB and ISO 9002).
  • We have examined over 20 vessels for certification under the Marine and Coastguard Agency and MGN280(M), and continue to add to our list regularly.
  • The superficial survey, valuation and re-registration of an historic tug. Pre-purchase and condition surveys of a growing number of small commercial vessels and pleasure craft.
  • Advice and assistance to an electronics manufacturer in preparation for ISO 9001 annual re-certification.

Expert Witness Service

  • Investigating and reporting on a wire rope failure accident, local authority leisure centre contractor’s work, motor cruiser engine room flooding, motor cruiser engine aspiration problems, central heating boiler maloperation.
  • Appearance for the plaintiff in successful negligence claim following a death by drowning accident.
  • Supporting county trading standards office marine investigations.
  • Reports for insurers on serious injury caused by yacht toppling off its shores in a marina; major engine damage (2); propeller blade failure.
  • Reports on damages claims for negligence; marine engine repairs; motor cruiser re-engining.
  • Special Survey and Report concerning a prosecution for alleged carriage of narcotics in a sailing vessel.
  • Report on alleged negligence in manufacture and delivery of a submersible raiding craft; design and installation of manufacturing chemist’s new process plant and utility services.

Maintenance Management & Logistics

  • We prepared procedures and facilitated a pilot project to set up reliability centred maintenance (RCM) in Brunei Shell’s offshore oil production facilities, subsequently publishing a paper on the project in the Safety & Reliability Society’s journal, Vol.15, No.3, Spring 1996.
  • We provided the Integrated Logistics Support, (ILS), cell for a major defence communication project definition study, (MIL-STD 1388).
  • The investigation of maintenance effectiveness of a harbour authority’s unique radar and pilotage facilities for vessel traffic management, (VTS), audited the contractor, and developed a new maintenance strategy.

Specialist Training & Education

  • Provision of short courses to Middle East oil company executives on:
    • Reliability
    • Advanced Maintenance Management
    • Reliability & Maintenance
    • Process Engineering for non-specialists